Carolyn Craig – Small Servings and Stale Entrees

Carolyn Craig – Small Servings and Stale Entrees

Sep 29 – Oct 22 2017

Carolyn Craig was the joint winner of the 4th Art at Wharepuke International Open Printmaking Show.

Carolyn Craig is an artist whose work examines the coded construction of subjectivity. She investigates inscriptive performance as an active site for the maintenance and enforcement of types of cultural normativity with a particular focus on the idea of “habitus” as discussed by Pierre Bourdieu.

Small Servings and Stale Entrees 2

Carolyn deconstructs gestural actions as tropes and stereotypes by utilising her own body as a site of absurd action. The performative traces of these gestures are recorded and inverted to query the distribution and maintenance of fixity.

Carolyn Craig
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More about Carolyn and her work can be seen here