Elsbeth Hill

Elsbeth Hill

Confessions of an Asylum(Oops I Mean Attention) Seeker

Digitally created prints and installations expose the ‘extra in the ordinary’  revealing the blurred lines between myth and truth

Elsbeth Hill

When left to my own devices I am capable of creating monstrous things. 

“Confessions of an Asylum (oops!I Mean Attention) Seeker”, is an opportunity to empty my iPad and expose myself to scorn, ridicule and outrage. As always, it’s all about me but is also about rising to the challenge of how to translate gibberish created on my iPad into my first solo show.

I have embraced trans-disciplinary practice by uploading the confessions to Aurasma, a free app available on tablets and smart phones. 

Aurasma creates an interactive experience for the audience extending the possibilities of print.

Contemporary printmakers are innovative and inventive, embracing new media and trans-disciplinary practice, this is the matrix I am building my work on.

In the end however it has to be said I just took a leaf out of Bob Rauschenberg’s and David Bowie’s books and did whatever tickled my fancy.