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5th International Open Print Show

5th International Open Print Show

open printmaking show
5th International open print show

Dec 15th 2017 – Jan 21st 2018

Every two years since 2009 we have staged an international open submission print show.  This year’s exhibition features 20 artists from 10 different countries.  The selected artists are:

Alberto Balletti (Italy)
Anna Russel (Australia)
Anthea Boesenberg (Australia)
Atta Kwami (UK)
Barry Cottrell (UK)
Beatrice Carlson (NZ)
Eva Toker Jawerbaum (Argentina)
Floki Gauvry (Argentina)
Gary Shinfield (Australia)
Gui Jiang (China)
Jenny Freestone (USA)
Jonathan McFadden (USA)
Mark Soltero (NZ)
Mia O (Japan)
Michael Wegerer & JUUN (Austria)
Miguel A. Aragon (USA)
Stephen Mumberson (UK)
Tom Baggaley (UK)
Wang Weirong (China)
Xu Shaolan (S. Korea)

One artist will be awarded a solo show at Wharepuke in 2018/19.  The winning artist will be chosen by our international judging panel.


Carolyn Craig (Australia)
Jan Hogan (Australia)
Richard Hricko (USA)
Ralph Kiggell (Thailand)
Carole Shepheard (NZ)