Mark Graver – Forty Four Sounds

Mark Graver – Forty Four Sounds

Forty Four Sounds from Mark Graver on Vimeo.

Forty Four Sounds is a text based, sound collage, video and print work. The text was arrived at through a random selection of previously chosen words and phrases. The soundtrack was then composed from samples of forty four found sounds. There are 44 frames/prints and the video lasts for 4 minutes and 44 seconds.

The work and its process references Dada poetry and sound and the chance compositions of John Cage.

Mark Graver – Forty Four Sounds can be, and has been, realised in a number of formats, as an installation of 44 digitally printed magnetic text panels and QR code and video or as separate elements, prints, video or sound.

The soundtrack is made up of forty four separate sounds recorded in the environment, manipulated, and mixed. The track itself runs for 4.44 (4. 51 title with fade out).

The words were chosen to allow the possibility that, rather than stating, they would evoke or imply meaning when randomly selected and although there is a beginning and an end (crescendo) there is no narrative and the work can be entered at any point.