Shannon Novak

Shannon Novak – Sound Fragments

Presented by New Zealand artist Shonnon Novak

The opening of Sound Fragments is the start of a global art project from Shannon Novak. This is his latest study in his ongoing exploration of the link between colour, sound and emotion – a study that examines sound as fragments exploding outward from a focal point. In this instance, the focal point represents a musican who through the act of performing emanates sound fragments’ made up of musical note or notes drawn from octave of twelve semitones.

Through a unique blend of geometric forms of vibrant colours, the installation exposes the sound fragments in their raw and simple beauty.

From its origin in Sanderson’s Outer Edge Project window, Auckland, New Zealand, Sound Fragments will ‘resonate’ first across New Zealand and eventually internationally with an ever-expanding ring of participating galleries in locations including, Belgium, Iceland, Nigeria, Italy, the UK and the USA.

Shannon Novak is an emerging artist residing in Auckland, New Zealand who is devoted to geometric abstraction, using geometric forms to represent his ongoing exploration into the link between sound, colour and emotion.

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